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Reservation Policies

A Major Credit Card is required for reservations.

Payment for reservations are charged in full at the time of booking.
Half of the payment for your reservations is a nonrefundable deposit.
The remaining half will be refunded If you have to cancel and do so before 10 days of your arrival date.
This is our cancellation cut off time. After that time, no refunds are allowed unless we are able to rebook the room at our Discretion.
All Cancellations and Changes to Reservations must be made before 10 days of the arrival date, otherwise full charges remain with no refunds.
Example; if your arrival is on Friday you would need to contact us the previous week by Tuesday 3pm to cancel the reservations for the partial refund.  
Changes to the reservation must also be made 10 days before arrival. This allows us time to try and refill the guestroom.
Rescheduling, early departures, no-shows due to weather or any other circumstances (including all Covid related issues, shutdowns or travel restrictions) that are not the fault of Spring Street Inn are the same as a cancellation and will not be refunded. Because we are unable to refund deposits or 10 day cancellations we recommend investing in trip insurance to help protect against unforeseen changes in your travel plans.
If paying with cash, we will reverse the charges upon arrival.
Our Rooms are ready after 3pm.
Check-out 11:00 am.

Smoking allowed outside in designated areas only. We are an non-smoking (including incense candles) facility and State laws are enforced. If you forget to honor this policy, a $400 cleaning charge will be applied to your credit card and the reservation is cancelled automatically with no refund.
Outside guest are only allowed with our approval.
Sorry no pets allowed.
Although unlikely, if an unforeseen circumstance were to occur at the Inn which causes a problem beyond our minimum standards, we will do our best to make repairs within 10 hours. If the problem cannot be fixed you have the option of staying at the Inn with a 50% reimbursement for those room nights. Or you can cancel the remaining reservation with reimbursement for the nights you are not here.

Our rates range from $150 - $200 and weekends we typically have a two night minimum stay requirement. depending on the month and day. Although our rates will fluctuate throughout the year, the rate is guaranteed at the actual time of your reservation request.


Weekdays - (Sun/Thur.) we have one night openings.
Weekends - two night minimum stay requirement. This can be for (Thurs/Fri. or Fri/Sat. or Sat/Sun.) 
Some weekends we have one night openings - Check One Night Openings.   


Rates are based on single or double occupancy.  For more than a double occupancy you will need to call us for approval and we will let you know our accommodations and additional charges.

Spring Street Inn, 522 Spring Street, Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901 

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